Natural Hazards

Natural Hazards in Hiking & Outdoor Activities

The Great Outdoors can be a very soothing and relaxing place but Mother Nature is unpredictable. Hiking and other Outdoor Activities can confront you with some big challenges and knowing about them is a first step in dealing with them. In this section we will look at some of the most common Natural Hazards that you might encounter in your Hiking and other Outdoor Adventures. In most cases we not only explain the possible threats but we also teach you how to prevent problems, detect the dangers and perform treatment.

Storms & Tornadoes
Learn how to predict Storms and how to find proper Shelter in case of a Storm or Tornado.
Learn how to Detect Lightening and how to find proper Outdoor Shelter.
Forest Fires
Learn how to Prevent Forest Fires and how to Survive if you are caught in a Forest Fire
Avalanche Awareness
Learn all about Avalanches, Preventing Avalanches and Avalanche Rescue & Survival.
River, Stream & Water Crossings
Learn how to Cross Rivers, Streams and Lakes with a Backpack and other Outdoor Gear.
Cave Exploration & Cave Survival
Learn about the possible dangers of Cave Exploration and what to do if you get lost inside a Cave