Preparing for a Hike

Hiking Preparations – How to Prepare for a Hike

How you prepare for a Hike will of course depend on your Hiking Plans. If you plan on doing a small 4-hour hike in your nearby woods then you can minimize your preparations. A multi-day expedition is of course a totally different story. In general the rule is: ‘If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail’. Proper preparation is essential for your own safety, the safety of your Hiking Group and of course the enjoyment of the trip. In this section we will give details on what you need to think about when planning a Hike:


Before you make your Hiking Plans

Evaluating your Hiking Abilities
Know your own Hiking Abilities and Limitations and change your Hiking plans accordingly
Get Into Shape for Hiking
Train your Physical Condition in your local park or woods for the specific strains of Hiking
Pre-Hike Training
Just before going on a longer Hike you will want to do some additional Hiking Training
Hiking Alone or Hiking in Groups
The dangers of Hiking Alone and the Benefits of Hiking in a Group.

Once you have your Hiking Plans

Hiking Terrain Conditions – Analyze the Terrain
Know what terrain and terrain conditions you are going to be confronted with. Draw an Aspect-Ratio Diagram!
Hiking Weather Conditions – Weather & Temperatures
Do not underestimate the effects of bad weather. Be informed about the Weather & Temperature conditions!
Acclimatizing for High Altitude Hiking
Learn about the Dangers of Accute Mountain Sickness and how to properly Acclimatize to Higher Altitudes.
Minimizing your Hiking Weight
Basic Rules of Minimizing your Hiking Weight. The less Weight your carry the more comfortable your Hiking will be.
What to Bring?
Learn about the Factors that determine what you need to take on your Hiking Trips