Hiking Health

Hiking Health – All about Hiking Safety

Hiking is a Safe Outdoor Activity as long as you know what you are doing and do not take your ambitions beyond the boundaries of common sense Safety. Hiking is an outdoor and often mountainous activity so you will be subject to some possibly dangerous circumstances and situations. Knowing how to recognize these circumstances and how to deal with them is very important. In this section we will look at all things that have to do with Hiking Health, First Aid, Rescue and Survival.

Blisters – Prevention & Treatment
Learn all about Blisters and how to Prevent Blisters and how to Treat Blisters.
Acute Mountain Sickness
All about AMS. Learn how to Prevent, Detect and Treat Acute Mountain Sickness.
Outdoor First Aid
Learn the Basics of Ourdoor First Aid and how to Prevent, Detect and Treat common Outdoor Injuries
Contacting Rescue Services
Learn how to Signal for Help and how to give Vital Information to Rescue Crews


Natural Hazards



Storms & Tornadoes
Learn how to predict Storms and how to find proper Shelter in case of a Storm or Tornado.
Learn how to Detect Lightening and how to find proper Outdoor Shelter.
Forest Fires
Learn how to Prevent Forest Fires and how to Survive if you are caught in a Forest Fire
Avalanche Awareness
Learn all about Avalanches, Preventing Avalanches and Avalanche Rescue & Survival.
River, Stream & Water Crossings
Learn how to Cross Rivers, Streams and Lakes with a Backpack and other Outdoor Gear.
Cave Exploration & Cave Survival
Learn about the possible dangers of Cave Exploration and what to do if you get lost inside a Cave


Animal Hazards


Insect Bites & Bee Stings
Learn about Preventing Insect and Bee Stings, how to treat Insect Bites and what to do if you are Allergic.
Scorpion & Snake Bites
Learn about Preventing Scorpion and Snake Bites and what do when you received a Snake Bite.
Bear attacks are very rare and easily prevented. Learn about Preventing and Dealing with Bear Attacks.