Feet & Feet Care

Feet & Foot Care for Hiking

Your feet are the instrument you will be making most use of in Hiking and taking good care of them is essential. Your feet are a mechanical marvel consisting of a structure of 52 separate bones, tendons and muscles together forming a small, flexible but strong platform able of keeping us balanced and moving even under heavy loads and uneven terrains. In this section we will look at ways to train your feet and how to deal with the common ailments that trouble them. We pay special attention to Foot Blisters which are the number one common foot ailment in Hiking. These are our sections on Feet & Feet Care for Hiking:

Prepare & Train your Feet
You will need to Prepare and Train your Feet for the specific strains of Hiking
Common Walking Disorders
A look at some of the most common walking disorders that will influence your Hiking.
Blisters – Prevention & Treatment
All about Blisters, how they form, how to treat them and what to do to prevent Blisters
Buy the Right Hiking Boots
Choosing the Correct Hiking Boots is one of the most important things in preventing Blisters and other Foot Problems