Animal Hazards

Animal & Insect Hazards and Attacks

One of the great attractions of the Great Outdoors is its varied animal and plant life. In general the potential threat and danger coming from animals and insects is very, very overreacted. Many people who go for outdoor adventures are seriously concerned about being mauled by a bear, getting bitten by a King Cobra or being attacked by a swarm of Killer Bees. In reality serious injuries or deaths by Animal Attacks are very rare. To take away your, often irrational, fears we will touch base on the most commonly feared animal and insect attacks and we will teach you how to prevent attacks and what do in case you are confronted with an attack.

Insect Bites & Bee Stings
Learn about Preventing Insect and Bee Stings, how to treat Insect Bites and what to do if you are Allergic.
Scorpion & Snake Bites
Learn about Preventing Scorpion and Snake Bites and what do when you received a Snake Bite.
Bear attacks are very rare and easily prevented. Learn about Preventing and Dealing with Bear Attacks.