Why Go Hiking? Reason for Hiking

Hiking is a recreational activity where we walk because we want to, not because we have to. The journey is more important than the destination. The reason we make this journey varies from person to person and from occasion to occasion. Most people like hiking for one or more of the following reasons:
Hiking is a great body exercise which will greatly improve your overall physical condition. The natural walking motion provides you with a relatively low impact but effective workout. Furthermore you are able to set the exact pace and length of your workout. Many people use walking as a part of their Fitness routine.
Hiking is a great way to explore nature. Most people enjoy hiking as it brings them back to nature. Hiking can bring you to the most beautiful places on earth and into contact with amazing plant- and wildlife. Beaches, deserts, woods, jungle forests, hills and mountains they all facilitate in different hiking conditions each with their own unique appeal.
Hiking is easy to start and it does not require high tech equipment. A solid pair of Hiking Boots, some basic (outdoor) clothing and a small backpack will be enough to get you started on basic day-hikes. The Walking Technique is something you possess from childhood and for basic hiking there is nothing else you need to learn.
Hiking is an activity that allows you to grow in your knowledge and skills as you progress. In its easiest form hiking is a very safe walk using clearly defined trails. In its extremer form hiking would require Mountaineering, survival, hunting and Navigation Skills.
Hiking is the starting point for a whole range of other outdoor activities that require hiking. Hiking is often a part of Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Camping, Para Gliding and a lot of other outdoor/mountainous activities.
Hiking is a year round activity. In fact many people find hiking in different conditions one of the activity’s most appealing and challenging factors. Autumn leaves, the winter snow, the new green of spring and the heat of summer…
Hiking is a great way to get away from things and forget about the everyday stress in your life. It could be an experience you share with others or something that you do all alone. Many people take a walk to clear their heads or to think about issues. Hiking could be a way of relaxing or a way to test your own capabilities.
We hope this website will teach you enough about Hiking & Trekking to get you enthustiastic about it and Get Started with Hiking