Hiking Tents

Hiking Tents – All about Outdoor Tents

Most people make Hikes that enable them to sleep in the comfort of their own homes at the end of the day. Others might hike from hostel to hostel or use a system of lodges and cabins to make multi-day hikes. A lot of people however prefer to take their own tent and camp it out. Camping certainly is an adventurous way of spending the night and it opens your eyes to the great outdoors at night. In this section we are going to look at all the different Types of Tents, their Features and how to select the perfect tent for your Hiking and Camping Adventures.

Hiking Tents

Tent Types – Classifying Tents
Learn about the different Types of Tents and Tent Structures and how Tents are commonly classified
Tent Characteristics
Learn about all Tent Characteristics like Weight, Waterproofness, Shape, Durability and many other Tent Factors. TD>
Tent Materials & Tent Constructions
Learn about the different Materials used in Tent Poles and Tent Fabrics and how poles and sheets are connected.
Tent Buying Guide
Learn how to Buy a Tent and what to look for when Choosing a tent perfect for your Outdoor Adventures. TD>


Outdoor Sleeping without Tent
If the weather conditions allow it sleeping in the open air without a roof above your head could offer an unforgetable experience.
Makeshift Tents & Natural Shelters
Learn how to make Makeshift Tents and Shelters and how to use Natural Shelters if you have no Hiking Tent.
Camp Layout – How to Setup Camp
Learn how to Find a Camping Location and how to set up your Tent, Cooking, Washing and Toilet Area.
Pitching Tents
Learn how to Pitch a Tent and how to Setup a Tent in Difficult Weather and Terrain Conditions. TD>