Hiking Techniques

Hiking Techniques – How to Hike

Basic Hiking is Walking and thus does not require any great technical knowledge to do. There are however a great number of things that seperate a Good Hiker from a Great Hiker and those are the Basic Hiking Techniques. Once Hiking crosses over into all mountain traversing or more specific Hiking Disciplines more technical skills come into play. In this section, however, we will take a very close look at the specifics of Basic Hiking Techniques. These are the subjects we will take a look at:

Hiking Rhythm & Walking Rhythm
A good steady Hiking and Walking Rhythm will increase the distance you can go and your overall Comfort Level.
Hiking Speed & Walking Speed
Slower Hiking requires much less energy to cover the same distance. Learn about the strenght of Slow Walking.
Hiking & Resting
Resting should be done in regular intervals and should be an integrated part of your Hiking Rhythm and Hiking Speed.
High Altitude Hiking Technique
Higher Altitudes require a smaller step, slower Hiking Speed and a steady Hiking Rhythm.
River, Stream & Water Crossings
Learn all about River, Stream & Water Crossings and how to Swim with a Backpack