Get Started with Hiking

Hiking Basics – Getting Started with Hiking

Getting started with Hiking could be as simple as putting on your shoes and heading out of your house to your nearby forest. Hiking is a safe activitiy that allows you to make your own decisions when it comes to the difficulty level and risks you want to take. If you just plan to wlk in your local park then you will probably survive and come back to your house on time and in one piece. Hiking is very addictive however and before you know it you will want to increase the length and difficulty of your Hiking. Before you know it you will be out on Multi-day Hiking Adventures! This website tries to cover all levels of Hiking which is why we advise you to read the following before you start Hiking seriously:

Evaluating your Hiking Abilities
Know your own Hiking Abilities and Limitations and change your Hiking plans accordingly
Get Into Shape for Hiking
Train your Physical Condition in your local park or woods for the specific strains of Hiking
Pre-Hike Training
Just before going on a longer Hike you will want to do some additional Hiking Training
Hiking Alone or Hiking in Groups
The dangers of Hiking Alone and the Benefits of Hiking in a Group.