Hiking Clothes & Apparel

Hiking Apparel – All about Outdoor Clothing

Hiking Clothes should keep you Dry, Warm and Comfortably Protected from the Outdoor Weather Conditions, Terrain Conditions and other Hiking Conditions you expect to encounter on your Hike. Just like with Hiking Boots en Hiking Tents and all other Hiking Gear weight and bulk are again serious considerations. Nowadays Hikers can choose from a wide selection of highly technical light weight outdoor clothing that often combines multiple functions thereby minimizing the weight and volume of your Hiking Clothes. In this section we will look at some important guidelines regarding Hiking Clothes and we will look at each specific item of hiking clothing in more detail.

Outdoor Clothing Purposes
Learn about the Purposes of Outdoor Clothing like Maintaining your Thermal Equilibrium
Three Layer System
Learn all about the Three Layer System for Outdoor Clothing: Base Layer, Insulation Layer and Outer Shell
Hiking Socks
Learn about Hiking Socks, Hiking Sock Materials, Construction and Buying Tips
Hiking Pants
Learn all about Hiking Pants ranging from Thermal Underwear to Mountaineer Pants. Plus Hiking Pant Buying Tips
Hiking Shirts & Jackets
Learn all about Hiking Shirts & Outdoor Jackets ranging from Base Layers to Fleece Jackets and Full Body Down Filled Suits