Hiking History

Hiking History – The History of Hiking
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About one and a half million years ago mankind learned how to stand upright and walk. So in some way you could say that hiking was invented in the Stone Age. Nowadays when we talk about Hiking and Trekking we mean it in the pastime sense of the word. It is hard to say when walking as a means of hunting and surviving became walking for fun and recreation. Throughout the years man has always used walking as a means of relaxation. Going for a stroll is a great way to meditate on possible dilemmas or to get away from things and clear your mind.
When it comes to historical milestones in Hiking we would probably have to look at the historical milestones in Mountaineering and the first ascends of mountains like K2, McKinley and Everest. These are however accomplishments in mountaineering which could be considered as the next level in Hiking.
Here are some of those Mountaineering milestones:
1874 – Grove, Gardiner, Walker, Sottajev and Knubel reach the summit of the highest mountain in Europe: Elbrus
1913 – Karstens, Harper, Tatum and Stuck reach the summit of the highest mountain in North America: Mount McKinley
1953 – Norgay and Hillary reach the summit of the highest mountain in the world: Mount Everest
1985 – Dick Bass reaches Mount Everest and becomes the first person to reach the summits of the highest peaks of each of the seven continents. Go to our Seven Summits section for more info on the Seven Summits.
Nowadays Hiking is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions world wide going Hiking every year. Local Hiking Authorities are constantly building new Hiking Trails and mountain lodges are erected to facilitate the ever increasing demand for multi-day hike accomodation. Hiking is extremely popular and in the next section we will look at some of the most common Hiking Disciplines