Hiking, Trekking, Camping & Outdoor Survival

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As with all our ABC websites we start out with some Hiking Basics, Hiking History and Hiking Background Information that will give you a basic understanding of Hiking. We then move into all the different Hiking Disciplines and Hiking and Walking Techniques. We have a large and very detailed section on Hiking Equipment that will explain all the Hiking Gear in full detail including Hiking Gear Buying Guides. If you are planning a hike then we give you a checklist of things to organise and consider in our Hiking Preparations section. Furthermore we also look at Natural & Animal Hazards, Hiking Safety and First Aid. Our Navigation Skills section will tell you all about Outdoor Orientation and Navigation. We also have a detailed Hiking Dictionary with Hiking Definitions & Terms. All of this information can be found in the following sections:

What is Hiking?
So what is Hiking? Hiking is Recreational Walking. A short look at a Hiking Definition and what Hiking exactly is
Why go Hiking?
What is the Attraction of Hiking? A look at Hiking Benefits and the reasons people love to go Hiking
History of Hiking
Man has been Walking since the stoneage. A short look at the History of Hiking and some Mountaineering Milestones
Hiking Disciplines & Variations
Mountaineering, Coasteering, Canyoning. A look at some of the most common Hiking Disciplines & Hiking Variations
Getting Started with Hiking
If you want to get started with Hiking then you will want to checklist the articles in this Section.
Hiking Preparations
Do not go Hiking unprepared! Learn all about Planning a Hike and what you need to do before you actually go Hiking
Hking Techniques
A look at the Basic Hking Techniques like Hiking Speed, Hiking Rhythm and Resting Intervals
Hiking Rules & Hiking Etiquette
A look at the Basic Rules and Etiquette of Hiking and Outdoor Activities.
Hiking Navigation Skills
Learn all about Hiking Navigation using Compasses, GPD Devices and even Natural Features. All about Outdoor Navigation
Feet & Feet Care in Hiking
All about Feet and Preparing and Training them for Hiking. Also a look at common Walking Disorders
Hiking Boots
Learn all about Hiking Boots, Hiking Boot Types, Hiking Boot Features & Characteristics and a Hiking Boot Buying Guide
Hiking Backpacks
Learn all about Backpacks, Backpack Types, Backpack Features & Characteristics and a Hiking Backpack Buying Guide
Hiking Tents
Learn all about Hiking Tents, Tent Types, Tent Characteristics and a Tent Buying Guide
Hiking Clothes & Hiking Apparel
Learn all about Hiking Clothes, the different Outdoor Clothing, their Purposes and the Three Layer System.
Hiking Health & Safety
Learn all about Hiking Safety and the possible Hazards you could encounter while Hiking.
Dealing with Natural Hazards
Learn how to deal with Storms, Lightening, Avalances, Forest Firest, Water Crossings & Caves.